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Mudputty: The Uber of Finding a Course That Meets Your Needs.

Muddputty, the brainchild of Raeleen Kaesehagen, an Australian-based entrepreneur, is the new Uber and Airbnb to hit the market. The idea is simple, yet effective. It's a platform where individuals can connect with hosts and course creators and browse for local events based on their needs.

Raeleen founded Mudputty, having tried to search for local classes herself. Hosts were finding it difficult to fill their classes simply because few people knew of their existence. This also meant hosts had to cancel classes due to it not being economically viable to run them and others within the community found it difficult to find classes because they simply didn't know where to look. Mudputty was created with this  in mind. It's a platform that streamlines that process, allowing people to search for classes of interest and connect with hosts prior to attending a class. 

The Options are Endless

At Mudputty, hosts can upload as many classes as they want. They're also not limited to what they can offer. As a host myself, I run several classes from coaching to digital marketing, to blogging and fitness. The options really are endless. 

So whether you want to attend an art class or Zumba in the park, there's something for everyone. Be it a class for your toddler or time out for your Gran, you can rest assured that everything is covered. Finding a class is simple. Simply search using key words. So, if you're after a local dance class, type in "dance" into the search box and you'll receive a list of options. You can also filter these by location, age, and time. 

For more information, check out Mudputty at 


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