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Multi-Masking Made Easy With Brulsano

I'm an ardent multi-masker. You'll often find me working out while simultaneously coconut oiling my hair and masking my face. My face is often tinted an ivory, pink or green while standing on my power plate and doing my squats. Depending on my skin needs, I'll hit up one of the three Brulsano clay masks I am trying.


Did you know that many of us have combination skin. We're oily in some areas and dry in others. Our skin can also change with the seasons. Harsh winters can leave in dry and flaky, and too much sun risks us developing darker pigmentation patches. Skin brightening masks such as the Australian Pink Clay Mask or the Ivory Clay Mask from Brulsano can help with this.

I'm all about the skin brightening properties of masks that clarify, purify and brighten the skin. I also find that Brulsano's pure ingredients make them safe for any skin type. They're simply clay powder that you add water too. There's nothing else added. No preservatives, no nasties, no nothing. Even the most sensitive skin types can tolerate them.

What I like the most is that I can layer my masks. I have go to masks depending on my skin needs. My skin needs hydrating more than anything, because I use prescription retinols. However, I can apply the green clay mask to my nose, which helps detoxify and keep clogged pores at bay, while simultaneously applying the pink or ivory to my cheeks and forehead.

I am fairly new to clay masks and have tried some great ones so far, but I understand that people with super sensitive skin or that are using retinoids, may not be able to tolerate products with essential oils or fragrances. At Brul, none of these are added and I've even added it to the most sensitive of skin types with no issues. That said, always do a patch test.

Marion from Brulsano will be doing a Q and A on the benefits of each of their masks and I am hoping this will help you choose the perfect mask for your skin type.

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