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My Friday Favourites

I stumbled across an IGTV documentary about the beauty industry in North Korea recently. Due to the oppressive regime, beauty is carefully controlled, meaning that young women often have to turn to smuggling it in. This, naturally, comes at an incredible risk.

It got me thinking about our fundamental and feminine need for beauty. I, like many women, love to spend time pampering myself with new products. I love the feeling of being polished and groomed. So, as a blogger, getting to try some cool new items each week is fun for me. I love it. 

What's on the Friday Favourites List this week?

Smug Active, a UK brand, sent me a range of wellness goodies to try, including skipping ropes, boob protection known as boobuddy, hair ties, and a leopard print 3D contouring eye mask. I especially love leopard prints at the moment, so I was thrilled. The eye mask also protects your eyelashes, especially when you have extensions, meaning your lashes won't break or get squashed. YAY to that!

I feel these are staples for any fitness fanatic. Especially, the boob protection, which comes in handy when you want your assets to defy gravity. I also think the collection makes for great gift ideas. Animal prints are huge right now, and Smug Active have an entire animal print range. 

Check them out here:

The Truri Derma Roller is a wand that should be on every beauty lover's list of must haves. Derma rollers are your at home dermapen. They're safe to use at home, no aesthetician needed. 

Derma Rollers are useful to help your serum penetrate further. They are a great anti-aging tool and they're perfect at helping to keep fine lines at bay. Many people have seen amazing results in helping even their complexion.

Note, that the derma roller needs to be gently applied. I had a nasty reaction years ago from an aggressive use of dermal roller and my skin reacted badly (not to the Truri brand). Truri will tell you that it's important to gently apply the roller, and where, and where not to, apply serum. 

I use the roller on my lips as I find that a gentle pressure helps balms and serums penetrate more, but this is a controversial technique that some practitioners may argue against. I find it useful, but you must always make sure the roller and your skin is sterile. 

Buy your derma rollers at 

Primal Core Australia supplies a range of collagen boosters for your beauty, health and wellness needs. Beauty begins on the inside, so ensuring you have a good intake of nutrition is of paramount importance. 

I love the name and ethos behind Primal Core- their supplements are infused with superfoods from around the world. They also offer many benefits to, not only the skin, hair and nails, but to your overall physiology. Collagen is vital to the health of your muscles and the functioning of your body as a whole, it's what makes you supple. 

Primal Cores protein and collagen infusions can be found at where you'll find a range of pick-me-ups. Check them out.


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