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My Friday Favourites

It's that time of the week again. Time for the Friday Favourites (or faves!). This week's hot to trot list goes to Red Cosmetica lipsticks, The 3pm Box, and The Hilarious Company's Oh la la cutesy Parisian tees. 

Red Cosmetica have the largest database of red lipsticks. Their multiple shades and finishes mean they cater to everyone's needs. Adam Coutts, the Sydney-based founder of the brand, realised the significance of the red lipstick in a woman's life and its ability to transform her into instant glam. 

Simply send a recent selfie to the team at Red Cosmetica and they will give you a selection of three red lipsticks to choose from.  The turnaround is within 24 hours and you'll receive a lovely little parcel in the mail. It's the epitome of decadence. 

The 3pm Box

With The 3pm Box, a box of healthy goodies for you and your team, you will get a long-lasting boost of energy as each snack is designed for optimal wellbeing. I think they make a great gift for a colleague, or perhaps you want to surprise a loved one at work. If so, check out their range at 

The Hilarious Company

The Hilarious Company is a French meets Bondi brand. We all love a bit of the Parisian style and the company's new tee embodies that simplistic yet stylish look. What's more, you don't have to be French to wear the shirt, but you do need to have that oh la la to look the part. 

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