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My Friday Favourites

My boyfriend and I had a 'moment' in the local supermarket. Yes, we were THAT couple that had a public standoff over a bag of crisps (chips, for the Aussies amongst us). Thankfully, we are also that couple that laugh after about five seconds. We simply cannot be mad at each other for long.

My boyfriend and I are like best friends. He has now been roped into all of my blogging endeavours and I pimp him out to try products that I can't taste myself...hello, Hoppa Cricket Protein Pasta. This is protein-rich pasta that's made from heard right!

While my boyfriend is a Bear Grylls wannabe, I cannot, and will not, eat cricket protein. So, he happily volunteered himself and his mate to eat it for me. And...they loved it. Why? Because, it tastes just like normal pasta, but is filled with nutritious goodness. It has twice as much protein as regular pasta and also contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals that keep my boy, and his friend, fit and healthy.

For more information on cricket-rich superfoods that are eco-friendly and sustainable, check out

Molives Olives

While my boyfriend is a lover of cricket powder, I ate the olives. Actually, we shared them, but I managed to sneak a fair few more. You see, I'm a massive fan of port, cheese, an olive platter and some dark chocolate on a cold night, so when Molives sent me a batch of their goodies, I was in my olive-induced element.

I love Molives- especially the almond stuffed ones- as they were just so massive and juicy. Much like you'd pick up at a luxury holiday destination in the Mediterranean.

Molives come in a variety of flavours. They have snack-size packs for on the go, as well as the bigger bags for dinner parties. Check out their flavours here:


I am a typical Type A. I can't stand wasting time and I am usually found multitasking on the run. There have been several occasions where I've ran out the door missing breakfast.

I hate skipping meals. As a qualified health coach, I know that it's not good for my health and wellbeing. I know that to keep my brain functioning and my energy levels high, I need regular nutrient-rich meals. But, when I'm busy, it's easy to forget this.

So, I'm super happy to have stumbled across Formulated For You. F4U have a range of superfoods, which I love to add to my oats and smoothies (stay tuned for my recipes coming soon!), but the one that I'm really grateful for right now is their meal replacement.

Whenever I have thought about meal replacement drinks, I automatically think of those sugar-laden weight reduction programmes. Those are drinks I just cannot endorse. The meal replacement drink from F4U is nothing like this. It's essentially a fully nutritious meal in a drink that's been formulated for busy people like myself. You just add a couple of scoops and blend with milk (oat milk for me) and you're ready to go. It contains a careful mix of superfoods, macros and micros that your body needs. It's also lean, clean and contains no nasties. Everything I love.

Simply blend and take it to drink on the go. Simple.

To shop F4U's product range, visit


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