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My Friday Favourites

I'm always a bit cautious about promoting anything that can be misconstrued as weight loss.

As a psychologist and health coach, I know the impact that eating disorders have on the health and wellbeing of individuals. I also know the havoc that promoting unhealthy ideals have on impressionable young teens.

A recent conversation with some friends confirmed that we all approach food differently. For me, when I'm stressed or upset, I lose my appetite. For others, they comfort eat.

Many individuals also succumb to mindless eating. They eat without thinking throughout the day or during TV marathons.

So, when Wilhouette sent me their trainer, I was happy to try. The waist trainer is about promoting mindful eating and prompts you to stop eating when full.

They come in a range if sizes and are easy and comfy to wear.

Esmi Skin Minerals Range

I love skincare. It goes without saying that, while using prescription retinol, hydration is super important.

The decadent range from Esmi is a luxury set of oils and hyaluronic acid serums that won't look out of place on your bedside table. They're also vegan-friendly.

The hyaluronic acid soaks deep within in a matter of minutes, while the 24k gold oil is the perfect finisher.

I tried them both and they're seriously refreshing additions to any skincare range. They're also natural, active and enriched, meaning your skin benefits from some super skincare ingredients.

Check out Esmi's skincare range at


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