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My Friday Favourites

I popped down for an impromptu trip to Melbourne over the weekend. It was great, but wasn't so great for my skin. The lack of sleep, dehydration and flights took a temporary toll and I broke out in a couple of pimples.

Spots are extremely rare for me. If I ever do get them, it's a sign of stress or tiredness. Thankfully, my skincare regime sorted my skin out (hello matchmade skin mask!) and it was back to looking fresh quickly.

Bondi Chic

Some of the things that sorted my skin out were the True Blue Anti-Pollution Foam Cleanser and True Blue Multi-Defence Day Cream from BondiChic. I'm pedantic about SPF and always wear Factor 50 sun protection. I want to safeguard my skin against skin cancer and ageing. I had skin cancer cells removed a couple of years ago and I'm extra cautious now. 

While I've been great at protecting my face against harmful UV, I have overlooked the need to protect against environmental pollutants that can cause oxidative stress. My cosmeceutical skincare regime is filled with active ingredients, but I usually use these at night. Having BondiChic's True Blue Multi-Defence cream means I protect my skin during the day- it forges an extra barrier against pollution. I love that!

The cleanser made my skin feel squeaky clean and is safe to use around other stronger medical grade ingredients. I had a peel and microdermabrasian at the Australian Skin Clinic in Hurstville and this was the perfect gentle cleanser to use after. I also used the Multi-Defence cream under my higher Factor lotion, and then topped with some colour from Winki Zinc

You can check out BondiChic's range of products here: 

Tan Ease

I was really happy to receive my Tan Ease mitt in the mail. I love to spray tan as I simply cannot justify spending time sunbathing and damaging my skin. Using a good spray tan offers a healthy glow, without wrecking your body.

I've struggled to find a good glove to apply my tan though. Some leak through and tan my hands, which is never a good look. They're also not thick enough and slip, ruining the evenness of the tan. This is not the case with Tan Ease. Their mitt is thick, double-layered and waterproof, machine washable, offers streak-free application of tan, feels great thanks to the velvet finish, and has an elastic wristband. It also comes in a protective bag, which I love because it means the tan doesn't leak into my cosmetic drawer. 

Tan Ease say the mitt will survive 20 (+) applications of tan, but, in all honesty, I reckon there are a lot more uses than this. It will last a long time. I've had gloves that are nowhere near the level of quality of this mitt that have lasted a wee while (but then also turn your fingers brown!!), so methinks you'll be tanning buds with Tan Ease for a long time. 

I've used my mitt a few times and my tan looks far more natural. Same tanning product, different mitt. That speaks for itself. 

Heads up, but Chanel, the founder of Tan Ease speaks the universal language of us tanning lasses when she says she does her tan every Thursday night. Honestly, I thought Tan Thursday was just my thing. I found out recently that this is actually a global phenomenon. 

Check out Tan Ease at:

Immunity Fuel Probiotics

Protection of your health comes from within too. Since upping my level of probiotics, I have rarely gotten sick. A large proportion of your immune system is in your gut, so protection of it is paramount.

I started eating natural yoghurt to up my probiotic intake, but too much dairy can make me feel a bit bloated, so a potent probiotic powder that I can add to smoothies is great. 

Enter Immunity Fuel; a certified organic probiotic superfood powder. It's a green, but pleasant, fuel for your immune system. Once added to drinks, you cannot taste it. I have no idea if it is an unpleasant taste or not because I simply cannot taste it amid my morning protein shake. What I do know though is that it's having a huge benefit on my body. I no longer have to add a dollop of natural yoghurt to my shakes now. I can rely on this for all my probiotic goodness. 

The superfood powder is potent because it contains large batches of live beneficial bacteria, and all of Immunity Fuel's Organic Superfood Powder are batch tested. They contain 13 strains of live Lactobacillus bacteria and 2 strains of beneficial Saccharomyces yeasts, combined with raw superfoods for added goodness. 

From a mental health aspect, gut health is so important. There has been a lot of research into food and mood, and, as there is a connection between the tummy and mind (hello nervous system!!), it's important to look after it. 

It's important to remember that, if you're a dairy consumer, you need to be aware of the indirect consumption of antibiotics. You may have also overused them in the past. At one point, I was on antibiotics several times within a couple of months. My immune system was severely compromised because of stress. While upping my intake of probiotic-rich yoghurt certainly helped, that's a whole lot of yoghurt (and cost!!) to get to the same level of probiotic-goodness in a supplement like Immunity Health. One small teaspoon of Immunity Health is enough to be added to a smoothie, meaning a tub goes a long way. 

Check out Immunity Health for more information. Also, use Sarah10 at the checkout for a discount: 


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