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My Friday Favourites

What a week. I headed to Dubbo, a small town in central NSW, for a photoshoot for the Canon Collective series. It was a long journey from Sydney (6 hours to be precise), but the shoot was a lot of fun. 

As part of the photoshoot, I was covered in multi-coloured paint; a kind of artistic expression. That was a first for me and I enjoyed it. What I didn't enjoy was our car breaking down in the middle of Dubbo post-shoot, and me being temporarily stranded with blue hair. Yikes!

We managed to head back to Sydney and arrived late Thursday evening. I felt what could only be described in colloquial English terms as "a state." I hadn't even shaved my legs for a whole 24 hours and that is saying something. By the time I got home, I was in dire need of some girly pamper time, so I lit a candle, sprayed some nice sprays and prepared for a major grooming sesh. 

My new scunci, which is the first of the Friday faves, was used. I tied my hair up in a messy bun because I knew I meant full on pampering business. My skin needed some major hydration, so out came the Match-Made skin mask to pump and plump my skin full of hyaluronic acid, and then I popped in my new Celebrity Whitening LED teeth whitening system. I was in full grooming mode. 

The Scunci pack I was sent is super cute. Don't you just love looking cute when you're relaxing? It's like you're still making an effort even when you can't be bothered at all. These scrunchies come with li'l bows that pop around your messy bun, meaning I got to rock some inner Bridget Bardot glam at the same time.

If you're anything like me, you've lost a gazillion hairbands. I used to buy those packs of 100, yet the following week, I'd have lost half of them. Has anyone ever tried to solve the mystery of the lost hairband? Solve it, and you'd be a gazillionaire. Maybe because they're so cheap, we just don't care where we put them. Or, perhaps, we're handing them out like smarties? That won't be the case with my Scunci cashmere bands. These people speaketh my language when they introduced the cashmere hairband. I am a lover of all things luxe and cashmere is pretty much up at the top of the list. I'll certainly not be handing these babies out like M'n'Ms. 

The cashmere hairbands are easy and comfy in the hair, meaning little breakage and a much more glam ponytail.  If you're keen to cultivate your cuteness with a range of hair accessories then check out Scunci at 

Celebrity Whitening LED System

I love the super white teeth look. I am a shiny happy person that smiles a lot and so my grin needs to be gleaming. So when Celebrity Whitening sent me their home whitening kit, I was doing cartwheels. 

Teeth are a focal point for me at the moment as I laugh and smile a lot for shoots. Having a kit that allows me to whiten at home is so convenient. The LED system is also really cool because it glows bright blue in the dark. My flatmate finds this part amusing.  

The system is easy-to-follow. The instructions guide you through the stages, meaning the technique is essentially fool-proof.  You simply floss and brush your teeth beforehand (which I did, using my Pearlbar Australia kit) and then place the gel from the syringe into the mouth trays. These mouth trays attach to the battery-operated LED system, and voila, you're ready to go. Just pop them in your mouth. 

I left my trays in for roughly 20 minutes and was able to paint my nails and reply to text messages at the same time. It's something that is quick and convenient, meaning it can fit around your lifestyle. You could even pop the kit in your handbag to use anytime and anywhere. 

I used to go to the dentist to get my teeth whitened, but with home kits you can do it yourself, or, at the very least, maintain the results that your dentist achieved. 

Celebrity Whitening also offer in-salon treatment products and business opportunities too. You can use their home teeth whitening kit or even run your own mobile teeth whitening service. Check them out here:

Pealbar Australia

Pearlbar Australia offer a range of activated charcoal oral hygiene goodies that have a range of benefits. 

I was so glad to try these gems as I drink a lot of coffee and tea (mostly through an eco-friendly straw, but still) and so healthy whitening is important to me. I love to ensure that I am removing stains regularly. The bamboo and charcoal toothbrush is both eco-friendly and filled to the brim with activated charcoal, ensuring my toothies are cleaned and gleamed. 

Activated charcoal is one of natures most powerful cleaning agents and really does make a difference to the appearance of your teeth.


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