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My Friday Favourites

They say that when it rains, it pours. Thankfully, it's been pouring great things. This week has been another full on week for me. I've been doing some short courses in nutrition and barre (to qualify as a nutritional advisor) and had a lot of work on. 

On Monday, I got to try microblading for the first time. The beautiful Anastasia at Master Lashes in Surry Hills offered to do my brows for me, meaning that I'll have that glam power brow whenever and wherever. My brows are just two days post-treatment and are in the healing phase, so I will be writing a full review in the next couple of weeks. That said, I keep staring at them because they're literally perfect. Can you even say that about eyebrows?!

What made it onto my Friday Faves this week?

First up was Nadeen's Aromatic Candles. They're natural soy candles and home-made. I can tell you now that the new vanilla and caramel one is truly divine. I couldn't stop smelling it. It made my room smell incredible and guests even said that it smelt amazing. It truly was sweetness and delight in one candle. 

Nadeen's candles retail at just $22 with free delivery within Australia. Check out her instagram page for more scents.

Next up was Lov Mate's Organic Energy Brew that includes a list of antioxidant and energy-boosting ingredients. Containing maca (for hormone balance and libido boosting), raw cacao (for its potent antioxidant ingredients), guarana (for energy), and yerba mate, Lov Mate's energy brew offers the perfect alternative to coffee. 

It certainly perked me up. I was feeling really lethargic on the afternoon that I tried this brew, and my energy increased very shortly after having it. 

I haven't given up caffeine, but I do intend to substitute one cup with this energy brew to help me cut down. Given that I am training for a lot of races, this brew is a real gift. Get yours at: 

Finally, the last of this week's Friday Favourites (my list is in no particular order!) goes to TraVino stemless. I love this because they sent me my favourite colour. I'll pretty much have anything if it comes in a shade of turquoise, but the stemless acts as a pragmatic and beautifully-coloured accessory too. It's perfect, convenient, and can be slotted into my handbag. It's half the height of a normal flask (but it's wider so holds roughly the same amount of fluid), meaning it doesn't poke out of your handbag too. 

The stemless flask comes in a range of colours with more coming out soon. It guarantees hot drinks will stay hot for 8 hours and cold drinks will stay cool for 24, meaning it's great for long distances, and perfect for that road trip I have planned. You can have your coffee in it in the morning, have a mid-afternoon tea, then clean it out and fill it up with your favourite red in the evening. Simple, effective, convenient. 

TraVino launched in Sydney in 2017 with their 5 am cup. They aptly named the cup 5 am  because individuals can have their 5 am coffee in the cup, followed by their 5 pm wine in the same cup. This cup comes in brushed stainless, matte black and Tiffany blue.

After the success of the 5 am cup, TraVino launched their stemless glitter range, which is the cup that I am currently using. The stemless range comes with matching wine flasks, which I can honestly say look a real treat. The colours are great and they're definitely a glam sidekick to bring to any picnic. Perfectly convenient because they're spill-proof, ensuring your Sauvignon blanc is in safe hands.

Earlier this year, TraVino also launched their cement grey colour, similar to the Audi Nardo grey, placing it firmly in the sphere of luxury. I'll take that...and the Audi too. 

You can get your TraVino flask at


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