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My Friday Favourites

It's been a full on beautilicious week for this blogger. 

Unique Skincare and Laser Clinic

On Monday, I got to visit Unique Skincare and Laser Clinic in Chester Hill. I got to meet the lovely owner, Nina, for some Cool Shaping fat freezing of my upper thighs. 

Despite being slim and athletic- I work out pretty much daily- I still have some stubborn areas of fat that don't seem to budge, no matter how many squats I do. Fat freezing kills off the fat cells in a certain area. One treatment can see an up to 40% reduction in the fat cells of that area, which are flushed out of our system over the course of a few months. Once the fat cells dissipate, the area shrinks in size, and the skin looks smoother. The benefits include smoother skin, a reduction in cellulite, and a better silhouette. 

The whole treatment is roughly 60 minutes, and while there is a bit of a cold burn at the beginning, it's bearable, and the skin soon goes numb. You're able to relax, listen to music, read or even work while you have the treatment. It's non-invasive and there's no downtime. You can head back to work straight away.

Nina's clinic was aesthetically beautiful. A mix of luxury and decadence, I loved being there. The pink, white and orchids were a lovely feminine touch. Nina was also knowledgeable and bubbly. She is an expert in fat freezing and body sculpting techniques, so was able to advise on the type of treatments I need to get the desired results. I love the sound of Radio Frequency, and I'd love to try that next too.  

I'd highly recommend the clinic for a range of expert treatments. I loved it and look forward to going back soon.

The Jade Roller From Zudoya

The second on my Friday Faves list is Zudoya's Jade Roller. I loved the colours of this. It's elegant and classy and, quite importantly actually, fits with the aesthetics of my bedroom. The box is sat happily on my bedside cabinet as an ornament in its own right.

The jade roller is actually a device that increases circulation, reduces puffiness, and helps with any inflammation. I hadn't actually used a rolling device, but, having followed the clearly marked directions, actually loved it. It made me feel relaxed in a ticklish sort of way. When I rolled the roller over my forehead, it had a calming effect on my body. There are two sides to the roller; the large for the forehead, neck and cheeks, and the smaller end can be used on the nose and chin area. 

Not only does the roller promote circulation and decreases puffiness, but it can help serums and oils penetrate further into the skin. I used mine with moringa oil and my skin was glowing. It was like my parched skin sucked in every ounce of the oil. When tired, the roller can help you feel more awake, especially as you can keep it in the lovely cooler bag that it comes with.  It can also improve elasticity and may stimulate collagen production in certain areas. Who doesn't want some of that? 

If you're new to facial rolling like me, you can find out more on Zudoya's website here.

Match-Made Skin

I am in love with match-made skin. I was sent their Water Rescue pack of face wraps and my skin needed it. I'm a long-term user of AHAs and retinol (I have a prescription). Sometimes overusing acids can dry the skin and it just needs a good boost in hydration. That's where hyaluronic acid comes in. It's like a tonic on a hot summer's day; totally refreshing. 

The mask itself is not the fun, let's take selfies, kind. That is unless you want to scare people. My flatmate almost fell off his chair when I came out of my room with it on. But, I felt my skin feel the effects immediately and kept it on for roughly 40 minutes for the intense hydration it guaranteed. 

Wraps like these are used by dermatologists, which is known as wet-wrap therapy. The wraps are soaked in 30 ml of serum containing 0.5% hyaluronic acid, 3% crithmum maritmum callus culture to boost cell renewal, and 0.2% pulsatilla koreana extract and 0.01% portulaca oleracea which are anti-inflammatory and will give your skin a healthy glow. 

One great thing is that the wraps are both alcohol and fragrance-free. Both of these can be drying and irritating. I once had a nasty reaction to a hyaluronic acid, which almost burned my skin, most likely because of the alcohol content. These wraps were calming and soothing. 

The pack comes with clear directions. Simply cleanse your face, peel the wrapper and remove the mask from the blue film. Place it over your face, avoiding your eyes and mouth. There are holes for your eyes, nose and mouth area, and I even had dinner while I had mine on. Once I peeled the mask off, I used the remainder of the serum on my skin and finished with my Zudoya Jade Roller. I then applied some Moringa oil to seal in the hydration.

If you're into anti-aging, hyaluronic acid should be up there with the AHAs, vitamin C, retinols, and peptides. Its molecular structure mean it's a much more potent hydrator than moisturiser. And you will certainly feel this. Your skin will feel plumper, smoother, and all-round more hydrated.  

If you're on a budget, I always recommend investing in skincare above anything else like clothes and shoes. You wear your skin every day. You can change your shoes. Investing in advanced skin science technology is key. 

If you're short on time, doing home facials is a great way to save on time and money. You, like me, can do your own facials at home. Match-Made Skin makes this a reality.

Match-Made SKin is not tested on animals and is available online here: 


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