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My Friday Favourites Blog

I’m sat with my pair of pink fluffy slippers, pink painted tootsies and my feet up on the couch, as my darling boyfriend scrubs his home on his hands and knees (Ok, I exaggerate, he's hardly Cinderella, but he is cleaning!). He then walked over and placed my feet firmly in the home spa machine.

I’ve offered to help several times, but this pampered princess has been given time out. He’s simply refused my offers and asked me to relax. I think I’m onto a good thing.

Today, I ventured up to Chester Hill to see the lovely Nina of Unique Skincare and Laser- a beautiful clinic with a great clientele. Nina’s feminine touch and beautiful spirit makes me feel at ease, especially as my session today included radio frequency (RF) to my butt. While the RF is doing a remarkable job, it is pain-free, relaxing and fun.

I love all things beauty. Some of the rest of my life has been pretty serious- involved in medical research, writing serious articles for a range of magazines, and having previously worked with psychiatric patients, my love of beauty has re-emerged. I love trying new things. I feel like a kid at Christmas when I get to review a new product, as it’s an activity that I simply just love. I love talking about beauty, involving my friends, and discussing the latest techniques even with my boyfriend.

So, when Dr. Fiji Skin sent me some organic skincare, I couldn’t wait to try. I had never tried dilo oil before, and, having had a more intense microdermabrasion session courtesy of Australian Skin Clinics in Hurstville, I knew I needed something mild and hydrating on my skin.

The dilo oil has a distinct smell. It’s a nutty, mildly spicy aroma that is thicker in texture than many of the oils I have tried. It felt great. I layered it on and then slept in it. It’s good as a moisturiser after a peel- especially if you don’t want to add any chemicals to your skin afterwards.

Dilo oil is also known as Tamanu oil and is sourced in Fiji’s vast nature. It’s a potent anti-ager and is helpful in healing scars and dry skin.

Dr. Fiji Skin also sent me some soaps- the turmeric and dilo range. I was hesitant to try the turmeric as, despite the benefits, I didn’t want to smell of the spice. I need not have worried as the smell was fairly neutral, meaning I gain the benefits without the stench.

What I like most about these soaps is that I can use them as a body wash. I am very wary of using body washes because our skin is so porous, but with an all-natural soap range, there is certainly no need to worry about harmful chemicals penetrating the skin barrier.

To learn more, visit

Next up on the list is Goyaba Juices. I am loving all things Amazonian at the moment. Potent antioxidants come from Brazil and I find the ones I love- the tasty, sweet, scrumptious ones- give me a great boost of energy.

The two superfood blends- made with guava, ginger and apple or acerola are refreshing to the taste buds. Acerola is a famous Brazilian fruit that has 40 times more vitamin C than oranges. Perfect when you need a pick-me-up. The drinks are also lean and clean, with no added sugar, preservatives and nothing artificial. I can certainly drink to that.

Check out the Goyaba range at

Lastly, the final of the three Friday Favourites goes to the skin treatment peels and high -performance microdermabrasion that I had at Australian Skin Clinics in Hurstville. Why did I love it so much? Well, I got to look like a little Smurfette.

Actually, it was great because it meant my skin was glowing with zero effort. It brightened up my skin, exfoliated away dead skin cells, cleared out some pores and plumped up my skin all at the same time. 

The lovely practitioner used a pre-peel to prep the skin, used the high-tech microdermabrasion technology, added a pumpkin peel which smelled just like a pumpkin spiced latte and then finished with a hydrating Smurf mask (not its real name!).

If you’d like to try an Express Micro at Australian Skin Institute in Hurstville, let me know.

Otherwise, book your consultation here:


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