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Nukara Skincare: Tanning With A Fruity Scent

I've tried some tans in my life. I've been self-tanning religiously since my teens, but most smelled of a funny mix of chemicals and biscuits. It was precisely that smell that boyfriends of past hated.

So, while testing out the self-tan range from Nukara, I was so surprised by the amazing smell of their tan.

Nukara is an Australian-founded skincare brand. They're known for their natural ingredients that are good for the skin and our planet. For me, self-tan is something that should be healthy. We're applying it all over our body so it should at least be good for us.

Nukara's tan is organic & natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free, as well as free from nasties such as paraben. It's a touch dry formula, meaning it doesn't leave that sticky residue and it does dry very quickly. In fact, the tan optimises within two to three hours, meaning you don't need to sleep in it overnight. Infused with aloe vera, green tea extract and more, this cranberry and wattleseed mousse is the perfect formula.

I got to try the whole tanning range. From exfoliating mitt to tan applicator and brush, Nukara have you sorted. I like how the brush helps blend the tan so that you bronze evenly. The exfoliating mitt is the perfect prep pre-tan.

Overall, Nukara offer an impressive range of tans and lotions that not only look good, but smell amazing too.

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