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Pairing Up is Made Easy with Pair

Most of us have had a dodgy dating app experience. Whether it’s a cringe-worthy date or problematic etiquette, it’s safe to say that, while online dating and dating apps broaden the pool of ‘talent’ we’re exposed to, they also come with an array of concerns.

Apps such as Tinder have made it easy to find romance, but users often say there’s a real concern for safety. Friends have mentioned that they’ve been exposed to images that they’d rather not have seen. For that reason, I have stayed well clear.

We’re all relational-beings. Without relationships, our psychological wellbeing suffers. As a therapist, isolation and loneliness are common contributing factors to depression. Bad relationships- or no relationship at all- lowers life satisfaction. For that reason, many of my friends are on the search for that one that makes their soul alight. They’re after a companion, some romance, compatibility and chemistry, and they’ve hit the apps to find it.

Enter Pair Dating

Pair was founded by husband and wife team, Celeste and Hui Ong. They recognised the real need to form an app that provided the community and safety that others hadn’t. The App, designed to keep dating real and respectful, also contains your very own coach, Ava, who is at your service to help navigate your way through. Think of Ava as your very own Siri, at hand to help with advanced mutual matching, and who also notifies you when a suitable match is found. Rather than scanning through hundreds of irrelevant profiles, Ava helps sort through the masses to find your own compatible options.

There are three ways to find matches using Pair: you can swipe those that you like; search based on interests and compatibility; or use Ava to help you. Ava is the personal curator that looks out for those must have interests, wants and needs that you’re searching for. She’ll alert you when a suitable match comes up, saving that precious time of yours.

Because safety is a concern, Pair validates all users, ensuring they’re real humans that provide real images. A selfie is provided within the app, meaning no shock encounters when meeting in real life. And, because etiquette has been an issue with other apps, Pair has made sure to counteract this problem by adding a reward system for good etiquette. The better your behaviour, the more you will be shown to other members. Finally, only those that you have liked can make contact with you, meaning no more endless hours wasted scrolling through hundreds of messages.

What I like about Pair is that there’s a move towards making dating safe and fun. The reward system means that users can reward good behaviour and etiquette with either a thumbs up or thumbs down. Users are more likely to give accurate information too, as their profile pics and info are checked and rated. Users can give feedback on how accurate their date has presented their information online.

For a safe dating experience, check out Pair App’s video tour here: and use Sarah for six months free.

Here’s how you can claim a 6 months free subscription on Pair (valued at $120): 1. Go to

2. Enter claim code: sarah

3. Download Pair Dating on iOS App Store


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