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Protecting Our Little Ones With Tribe Tropical

I am the mother of a gorgeous little red head. Because my darling peanut is so fair, I'm always on the look out for ways to ensure maximum sun protection while still allowing her to be stylish and look cute.

While I always lather on SPF50 in the sun, I know that sunscreen alone may not be enough. Clothing is important too.

Tribe Tropical is an Australian brand that was created by the lovely Emily Gradon. Emily grew up in Papua New Guinea and Cairnes, and, as a red head, has struggled with protecting herself in stylish clothing at the beach. Back when she was a child and teen, cute cover ups were not around. Having experienced numerous basal cell carcinomas, Emily wanted to create a UV protection beachwear for the new generation.

Tribe Tropical was founded in 2018. The rash vests and swimwear are colourful and pay homage to Australian nature and wildlife. They also come in adult sizes, meaning you can match your mini too.

I was kindly sent a matching mum and mini zip up rash vest in turquoise. The quality of these rash vests are exceptional. They fit perfectly and they're super stylish. I love that both my daughter and I will be protected on beach days.

Having experienced precancerous lesions myself, I'm also one to be slip, slop, slapping on protection. I love watersports, so having a rash vest that offers UV50 protection is perfect for when I'm out on the water. It also looks super cute.

About Emily and the Brand

One thing that impressed me about this Aussie owned brand was that Emily has so many talents and achievements. From singing to dancing, to studying International Relations with hopes to working for the U.N., she has done so much.

Emily single-handedly grew her business while pregnant and a mother to two young children. She was even looking after a customer enroute to the hospital to give birth. When you're an entrepreneur and dedicated to your business, there's very little time off.

It's good to see that Tribe Tropical has grown so much. There have been brand collaborations with artists, which makes things unique. There's also been the launch of rash vests and swimwear for all ages, meaning dads and sons won't miss out on the fun!

If you're after some fun, stylish swimwear that will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, check out Tribe Tropical here.


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