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Quarterpast: Refreshing Tea Served the New Zealand Way

I'm a lover of teas. I'm always drinking something hot, despite the weather, and I love a good chai, roiboos, or lemon tea.

When Quarterpast sent me four of their refreshing beverages, I couldn't wait to try.

Quarterpast is a New Zealand company that provides a range of syrups to make refreshing teas. They're the perfect pick-me-up regardless of the weather. You can add hot or cold water, or even add soda if that's your preference.

I got to try their fruity, lemon, ginger and hibiscus-flavoured drinks, but they do offer coffee syrups and chai.

The syrups are filled with natural goodness. They're tangy, but sweet, and the perfect drink to warm you up on a winter's day. If you like a lemon and honey water, they're great, because they're ready mixed for you. You simply add the water of your preference.

The ingredients are all natural, and I love how they've added ingredients filled with vitamin C and antioxidants. Hibiscus is so refreshing, yet decadent, while turmeric is the perfect anti-inflammatory. You can't have a New Zealand beverage without manuka honey too.

I've also seen people use their luxury chocolate syrups to make dessert or even add to oats. There are all manner of uses for these scrumptious syrups. You just need to get creative.

If you're looking for the perfect fruity beverage, or you love luxury chocolate drinks, check out Quarterpast online at They're also the perfect gift or hamper idea too. You'll love.

Quarterpast gifted me these drinks for the purpose of this review.*


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