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Storytelling with Cakes

I have two youngish Godchildren that need entertaining over the Easter school holidays. What better way to entertain them than to combine yum treats (they have a sweet tooth!) with some great activities. Enter Story Book Cakes, the creation of Mark and Karyn Mills, providing decadent and luxurious cake mixes to your door. 

Memories are created from doing. It's experiences that forge us. That's why I love that Story Book Cakes play a part in writing the novel of our lives. 

Karyn and Mark are award winning cake designers and provide cakes for all occasions. They're based in Queensland, Australia, but their mud-cake mixes are delivered to your door nationwide. The packaging is colourful and instantly sparks joy. I created a mini ensemble of mine in my room as the colours brightened it up. 

Time with the kids

It's always a challenge thinking up new ideas to entertain the kids. I know my Godchildren love food (especially sweet food!) and I know that they love to get involved in the kitchen too. So, I decided to get them to help me bake the Story Book Cake pudding mix. They chose the white chocolate mix (and I secretly wished they didn't, as I wanted to keep this one all to myself!). Story Book Cakes offer a simple solution to baking- simply add water and butter and you're away to go. Luxury made simple. Chloe loved mixing the cake up, helping get the ingredients, and then licking the bowl at the end. 

Actually, we fought over licking the bowl out. That was always my favourite part as a kid too. 

The result was an amazingly yummy treat! The kids loved it. They loved the activity, and they loved eating it all up at the end too. 

Alone time

After my time with my Godchildren, it was time for some alone time. I'm an introvert, so, by definition, I need time out to rejuvenate. A good magazine and some cake in a mug makes this easy. Story Book Cakes also have this need covered with their minute to muffin (Ok, it's called Cake in a Mug) mix. Each sachet contains their decadent cake mix that you simply add butter and water to, then stick in the microwave and you're ready to go.  Simples. It was truly divine.

It's Easter so the calories don't count (**coughs** ahem!!), so enjoy some chocolatey goodness. 

Check out for more information. 


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