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The Friday Faves

So, I haven't had much time for exercise lately. Which is bad, especially when you're a fitness model and some of your work relies on you keeping fit. I'm also meant to be training for a number of events, and, at this stage, I'll be downloading the From Couch to 5k app. 

Ok. OK. So, it's not quite that bad. I did manage to go indoor climbing, which meant I'd covered arms for a few days. Hello DOMS! (That's delayed onset muscle soreness for those that don't speak fitness).

Barre Body had me covered

Because getting to class was nigh on impossible, I had access to the Barre Body Online programme. Amazing! Amazing, because I could quite literally do a barre class in the comfort of my own room...and in my PJ's if I wanted. 

Barre Body Online supplies over 150 barre and Pilates classes, meaning you're spoilt for choice. You simply choose a class based on your needs and follow the instructor's cues. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Easy.

Visit their website here: 

Lorna Jane floral prints

What's a barre class without the floral attire? Barre is pretty intense. It looks easy, but don't let looks deceive you. Even the upper intermediate classes rely on you having utra- contortionist skills. I seem to feel like I can achieve anything in my Lorna Jane floral print activewear though. Why? Because it's so feminine and elegant. I also found it was one of the most flattering brands on me too. It doesn't let anything spill out while you're upside down with your knees wrapped round your head. Is that even a move? Probably!

I'm just waiting for my favourite eco-friendly brands to bring out their floral print and feminine dance wear soon too! Come on guys!

First Press Coffee

I had hit that mid-afternoon slump today. Actually, truth be told, I had woken up with a mid-afternoon slump. I wanted to crawl back into bed mid-morning, but when you have a job to do, it's not really possible.

I had a photo shoot booked in the late afternoon and was actually worried about how I would get through it. Nobody wants their model to fall asleep on them, now do they?! So when First Press Coffee sent me a pack of cold pressed coffee shots that are ethically-sourced, taste great, and offer a guaranteed boost of energy, I was super happy. 

After one shot (I'm trying to reduce my caffeine to 2 cups a day), I instantly perked up. It was like a miracle product in one drink. In fact, Cold Press Coffee's website state it's ''for the busy ones that need performance now'', which perfectly sums up my experience.

First Press Coffee is an environmentally-friendly, ethically sourced brand. Its cold pressed method means that the coffee is less acidic, resulting in a boost in energy minus the energy crash experienced from drinking normal coffee. 

If you're busy and on-the-go, check out First Press Coffee here. I'll be doing a full review of the brand's products in the coming weeks.


For those of you that are interested in becoming a barre instructor, the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association are offering a $100 discount on their courses. To get your discount, press on the link here.


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