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The Friday Faves

It's been a manic week again. I've been here, there, and everywhere, so I'm writing this blog like Speedy Gonzales on amphetamines. For the record, that's Speedy Gonzales on amphetamines, and not me. My drug of choice is a caffeinated beverage. Nothing else.

When you're living life in the fast lane, it's important to sit back and smell the coffee. Simply drinking it is not enough. We need to relax and take a moment to just be. As a blogger that primarily focuses on health and wellness, me time is so important. I need time in the woman cave to recoup. If men can have their man cave, we women can have a cave just for us too. Although, usually, the woman cave takes place in the bath. Along with candles, flowers, and lots of smelling salts, but that could just be me. 

Bath Salts and Beyond

The truly decadent and luxury rose-infused bath salts are a must for any relaxing bath time. They smell truly divine. 

If you're feeling stressed, have some muscular aches, or just need some general pampering, then head to bath salts and beyond's instagram page for more information here.

I really like this product because it's clear to see that it's a local small business making an authentic product that's perfect for a gift or treat. The jars are cute and it also makes a lovely bathroom decoration. I almost didn't want to open mine and ruin the display, but the smell of roses was just too tempting.  Run your bath, lie back, and simply enjoy.

H2 Balance

Now I have to say that this product is a fun one. My flatmate almost elbowed me out of the way to take a look when it arrived on our doorstep. He was mesmerised by this gadget and thought of it as a man toy. I not so gently removed it from his grasp, after he had ensured I had read the instructions properly. Welcome to the world of hydrogenated water. Officially-OK, OK, unofficially-the newest trend on the block. 

I am slightly fanatical about health, so having a product that is hydrating, energy-inducing and anti-aging (hello!!) is perfect for me. The water bottles light up as they increase the level of hydrogen ions in the water. This is both a potent antioxidant and a protection against environmental free radicals, thus guarding us from all sorts of nasties. Proponents of hydrogenated water argue that they have more energy, feel better, and are at less risk of illnesses because of the protection against these free radicals.


While I haven't tried my bottle long enough to feel the fubenefits, I do love how it glows as it's hydrogenating the water. It turns multiple different colours and it even encourages me to drink more water due to the novelty of having a bottle like this. I'm excited to see how this goes and I will be doing a full review next week. 


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