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Total Serenity with Serene Body Health

What's better than a simple fragrance or perfume on its own? A fragrance that balances the senses, uplifts, creates feelings of calmness, or energises. That's what.

When the lovely little chic package from Serene Body Health arrived in my mailbox, I thought it was simply gorgeous. Nicely packaged in a white and black cosmetic bag, I thought it was the perfect gift-set for a special occasion. That special occasion for me was that I got to try the goodies inside.

These handcrafted goodies are essential oils that are packed with a punch. From energising tones to calming scents, there's a fragrance for every moment. Each stick (it's a roll on, rather than a spray) is filled with a different flavour depending on your needs. Their perfume sticks that are super chic, can be used during any occasion, and are convenient to carry from day to night. In the evenings, I use the 'Rest' to help me relax before snoozing, and in the mornings, I use the uplifting aroma of the 'Amplify' perfume to help me start my day. When I need an urgent pick-me-up, the lemon-infused 'Lift' is my go to. It's perfect for popping in your handbag to use throughout the day.

What's great about Serene Body Health is that these fragrances are made with 100% essential oils and are all uniquely hand-crafted. This means they're free from any artificial nasties and I can put them directly on my skin. If you're concerned about artificial ingredients that warrant health concerns, but still want to smell nice (and have the lovely added benefits of organic essential oils), then these are your go to.

For their 100% organic, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free range, check out Serene Body Health here:


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