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Ballet, Barre and Beautiful Activewear

As a busy professional, flitting from work to workout and back again, finding good, feminine activewear has almost been a heavenly send.

For those that frequent the gym in between work, or live that active lifestyle, having good quality workout and activewear can save on precious time. Leisurewear is no longer solely the realm of the gym, but is fast achieving fashion credentials in its own right. And rightly so. The modern woman needs versatile and dynamic clothing that will see her through any and every activity. Time is of the essence, after all.

So, what can the modern fashionista do to maintain an on trend active wardrobe that sees her through the day?

Choose your niche style

I’m in love with floral print matching activewear. There’s a real drive towards graceful movements, with the rise in ballet and barre classes taking over the city. As such, there’s a need for feminine prints that highlight the elegance of these sports. If you’re into kickboxing or play a game of footy, match your activewear to your sporting personality.

Go for comfort

One of the great things about activewear is that it’s designed for maximum comfort. Whether you’re wearing it to the gym or the office, it’s sure to meet the ultimate comfort factors. However, having a jacket or a sweater to throw over your crop top is essential to feeling at ease in any company. While I love my matching pants and crop at the gym, hitting up the office can make me feel less comfy so I throw a sweater into the mix too.

Work with the seasons

Seasonal activewear is still on trend, with the introduction of floral and pastel colours hitting the market recently. Opt for dark colours in winter, but don’t be afraid to brighten it up in summer. Choose single colour matching outfits or mix it up a bit with a splash of colours.

Work with your sport

It can be easier to hit up your local barre class in a host of feminine prints, but if you’re aiming for a boxing class or an outdoor military-style obstacle course, showing them what you’re made of in some camouflage collection can make all the difference. For Ballet and Barre classes, gorgeous feminine prints will make you feel all pretty in pink.

Grab a hoodie

One of the major activewear trends is to see women throwing a boyfriend-style hoodie over their matching sportswear, creating that perfect outfit for hitting the brunch and beach with your babes.  Remembering, though, that style is an opportunity to showcase your personality, but it’s important to have fun too!


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